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How we create a History

Since 2008, Jeremy Gryder designer/owner has been helping businesses to realize there potential by creating imagery via websites, eCommerce, and print. However, he realized his love for design as a 8 year old boy playing with the first Mac in 1984 to draw cartoons from his “Learn How to Draw Cartoons” book. Jeremy was hooked and continued to pursue art but it was not until he was in sales that he realized he could use his talent for art to make money. He spent the next four years using his skills and refining them. During that time Jeremy was able to see results like 3.5 Million dollar growth for a company he was the only salesman for and refined the art of creating a buzz with various forms of media. In 2008 he began to offer his services to the general public and over the last 7 years he has developed a keen sense for working with customers to craft the perfect execution for their specific needs.

Crude Design has finally emerged as the boutique firm focused on creating print, websites, and eCommerce sites that will sell your business. Although we are based out of the Austin Area we are from Odessa, Texas and we serve all of Texas, and the rest of the world. We decided to name our company Crude Design after the our home towns booming Oil industry as a homage to the hard working spirit we learned growing up and hope to serve our customers with. So give us a call and let us show you how we can sell your business to your clients! 432.556.2033